About Us

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Exemplar Lodge is very active in the Community. Our Members can be found not only in Concordant Masonic Bodies such as the Shriners, Scottish Rite, etc. but are contributing volunteers, fundraisers and workers with non-Masonic, Community-Oriented organizations such as the Youth Emergency Shelter Society and ihuman. Much of our work is done both with and through the Masonic Foundation of Alberta. While it is not part of the Masonic “Way” to self-promote through acts of Charity, it should be known that although we prefer to operate from the sidelines, many of our Brethren have contributed intensively to all manner of activity that create a clean, safe, enjoyable Edmonton based on the principles of compassion, sharing and inter-cultural learning. Charity is our highest core value and it is our belief that through our efforts in bettering ourselves through the Tools of Freemasonry that we will, ultimately, better the world around us through the practice of Masonic Morality. This calls to mind words like Truth, Justice, Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith and Hope. We believe agree with those Philosophers who throughout time have reminded us that in a society built upon a strong foundation of social justice, charity becomes unnecessary — we are working toward this society, one Good Man at a time.

Our Lodge accepts any man who wishes to better himself and in so doing, his world. We are open to all races, creeds, faiths, political-leanings and ideologies — so long as their goals are Just and Upright. A candidate for the Masonic Degrees must have a most serious mind when entering the Lodge — it is a deep, life-changing experience that will forever stay with you and is not to be taken lightly. The mental tools you will be introduced to will intrigue you. The legends of our Ancient Brethren will inspire you; and the stories of the Brothers you will meet face to face will impress you. No other organization in the World can claim such a quintessentially CANADIAN approach to life and living — through hard work, deep contemplation and right action we, as men, can form a bond of friendship and trust that will transcend any and all artificial barriers that plague the outside world. Our community is one of success — both for the inward man on his spiritual journey and the outward man in his quest to find a better way of living.

How do I get involved?

Exemplar is a duly constituted member of the World-Wide Masonic Brotherhood, meeting under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Alberta and is designated Lodge number one-hundred seventy-five therein.

We meet on the 1st (and often 3rd!) Thursday of each month (except in July and August) at Freemasons' Hall 10318 - 100th Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta starting at 7:30 PM. Visitors are always welcome and our reputation for hospitality is well known!

Our Mission: to take GOOD MEN and make them BETTER through an understanding of the Sacred Rites and Hidden Mysteries of Ancient Freemasonry.